Why Noww?

Many amazing experiences happen with us daily, which you don’t like to share on your public profile. Instead you share it with your close friends over a call, chat or in person, which is tedious. That’s where Noww comes to make it simple & instant.

Noww helps you instantly share all your amazing experiences with your close friends, as you go through your day.

To know more refer to our Medium article Why we build Noww?


"Every moment of your life is awesome so why to live it alone, share it with your friends."
No keyboard
Just 4 click to share status.
Close network
Connections are made using your address book & thus limited to your close friends and family.
Instant notification
Instant notification is sent to all your friends every time you update your status.
Poke friends
Poke friends to ask what are they upto
Always loggedin
Just login for first time, using phone number & you never need to login again.
Easy share
One click status share on facebook & twitter.